Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fav - Won't Give Up

Happy (Opening Day) Friday! First off, I'm sorry about the whole getting a puppy story. I went full swing with that April Fool's prank and got more congratulatory wishes than I expected :) Thank you for the love!

Second, and probably the most important, it's my Friday Fav!!! I'm not going to go into excuses on why I slacked on blogging this week, but let's just say my hair is on fire at work and I'm trying to remind myself, "keep swimming, B, keep swimming!"

Today's Friday Fav is a note to myself (and you) about something I learned this week. Yup, I added a new lesson to my book of Save These for a Rainy Day reminders for life. With work being a little more than hectic, my stress levels and sleepless nights don't go unnoticed. Not only does my worry for the littlest things carry over into the rest of my life, but it keeps me thinking about a lot.

Thoughts like, "Really this is nothing. Remember when you said goodbye to your amazing friend, Amana, not knowing when you would see her again? Remember when you found out your best friend's dad was diagnosed with cancer? Remember when it took you sending 117 resumes to receive your first response? Remember when you felt your heart break? Remember when you went through this same "how much more can I take on" thought less than a year ago? Remember when you moved far away from home hoping you're family would follow, but quickly realized that will take longer, if ever, to happen?"

Thoughts that like bring about song searches. Songs by some of my favorite artists. Songs just like this:

And then it brings about one of the best feelings in the world. Thoughts like, "Really this life is everything and more, and it's yours. Remember when you promised Amana you would be there for her no matter what, and in return she has been the one there for you? Remember when you saw your best friend after she walked 60 miles for her dad and everyone else who have, are, and might face cancer? Remember when you dreamt about working for a nonprofit and here you are learning from a new challenge every day? Remember when you felt your heart skip a beat for the first time because of someone else? Remember when you really did ask yourself, "how much more can I take on," and your first thought was, "a (whole of hell) lot more!" Remember when you moved because you're the on-the-go type of girl and one city wasn't going to give you what you wanted? Oh ya and remember that your parents want to be grandparents one day, and they're going to want to be a lot closer than they are living over 3,000 miles away, right?

So today's Friday Fav is all about singing "I won't give up!" Whether it's love, family, friends, work, health-related matters, life challenges, and 20 other thoughts on your mind, it's a lesson in life to keep up with the beat and never give up.

P.S. Jason Mraz, this song is amazing.


  1. Thanks for reminding me not to give up! Kinda needed it today. :)