Monday, April 9, 2012

One of the many reasons...

One of the many reasons I want to have a big family, 4 kids to be exact, is because I want the holidays to be that much more full of love, laughter and of course attitude. Growing up my brother and I were spoiled (and I'll admit this now, but that's after many years of being a brat and insisting we weren't), and holidays like Easter were moments and memories that will never be forgotten. The thing is my mom, the leader of the pact, hasn't given up this role to make each year something more amazing than the year before.

It's being away from home that makes me miss everything that much more, but it's also the surprises that show up from "home" that make one girl very happy!

Someday I want to have a van full of kids is so that I can spoil them the same way my parents have spoiled me.
My mom always finds the cutest holiday decor! 
Homegirl loves her sugar. 

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! 


  1. I always say the same thing! I hope you had a great Easter with your family away from family...aka Mike's family!

  2. We want 4 kids too! Haha, we should go on family vacations together :) Hope you had a great Easter Brit, how sweet of your Mom!

  3. Awww the little chick is so cute!!