Thursday, May 31, 2012

Momma's Borrowed Gems

So this week has been pretty busy and I've left little Three Bracelets hanging in the back corner. Sorry little one.

A heat wave has come through Maryland and oddly enough I couldn't be happier. Usually I'm whining for 78- 82 degree days, but recently the 90+ temps + humidity (okay maybe not the humidity) has put a big ol' smile on my face. 

Since my mom was just in town, and her packed closet came with her, I went digging and borrowed some Momma Gems! Yup, my mom has better style than I'll ever have. She sports the highest of heels all day long and never leaves the house without a spritz of hairspray. I want to be just like her. Since I really don't have anything exciting to write home about, I'm gonna post my stolen borrowed gems. FYI - I'm not a fashion blogger, don't ever want to be or intend to be, and therefore I purposely tried to look up real hard. Homegirls, why are you always looking down when showing off your threads? Also, I don't own a fancy camera, don't want one, so bare with the photos all you professionals.

Safety first. Striped tank second. Love it!
This white tank/blouse/shirt thingy is soooo comfy and perfect for sweaty pits.
Speaking of sweaty they are. I've switched my feminine deodorant days to the men's section.
It lasts 48 hours ladies ...  48 hours!!! Also, smells so much better than a pile of roses. 
These are my feet. Not borrowed from my mom. But sorta since she birthed me.
My mom picked out these pants. I never had balls big enough to want/wear white pants. Momma talked me into it!
So there they are! Does your momma have better clothes/outfit choices than you? 


  1. I LOVE those white pants AND the yellow top you're wearing with them. Your momma has good taste :)

    1. Don't you have white pants? I should have joined the club a long time ago! P.S. I miss your posts, but definitely understand how crazy your life must be right now!

  2. My mom sure does! I like the yellow shirt and how about your amazing headboard! love!

    1. It was a Pinterest find :) You'll have to post about your mom's style sometime!