Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm still trying to catch up on life since I got home, but I wanted to pop in and say I'm back and I had the best time ever! Returning home this time was something a little out of the norm. Most often, I kinda dread (harsh harsh word) coming back to the humidity and east coast folk, but this time ... something was different.

I've come back to a new roomie. Mike and I decided to take things one step further and call it a deal. He's learning how to deal with my OCD with cleaning, and I'm learning how to deal with his constant singing (it's a good thing he's got a voice unlike me). I couldn't be happier ending off such an amazing week with 2 of my newly married friends than to come home to my best friend!

As I get some pictures uploaded, I'll share my amazing week with ya'll, but in the meantime just imagine a big ol' Greek wedding surrounded by the most caring people, and the most gorgeous ranch-styled wedding tucked away in Montana.

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