Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fav - You Gotta Disconnect

Happy Friday!!! The tough thing about coming back to work after a long vacation is the amount of catch-up to do, but that also means you've got a fast week under your belt. Missing 2 weeks of Friday Fav posts, you may have forgotten why I write these in the first place, or you might be new - either way, thank you for stopping by and here's what happens. I wake up Friday morning thinking about something I've either 1) learned over the past week, or 2) fallen in love with.

This week after returning home from a trip that took me to Utah and Montana, I realized the beauty of escaping. I wasn't about to carry my laptop across the country, and I definitely wasn't going to hook up with work while on vacay. Even though it's Friday and I got home Sunday night, I still feel like I haven't quite caught up on my zzz's. I also feel very connected. Say what?

Today's Friday Fav is You Gotta Disconnect. 

I not only learned that our phones and computers tie us down to being everywhere at once and available to everyone every minute of every day, but I also fell in love. It was a much needed slice of love pie in my life. Pre-vacay, I'd wake up at 4am in a panic that I needed to check my email, but since my return I've been waiting until my coffee has been gulped. It's the little things, right?

While I was away and unplugged from the rest of the world here is what I did:

I walked dogs that weren't mine.
Learned how to Greek dance from this beautiful bride.
I danced the night away with my mom and 2nd mom.
I devoured s'more after s'more.
I drank.
Got my nails done. Went w/o makeup.
Frolicked through the fields.

Felt like a kid again.
Got fancied up and watch my bff get married. I also met some amazing girls aka Bridesmaids.

While this trip went by far too fast, it was one I'll never forget. It was also the perfect reminder I needed that sometimes you just gotta disconnect.

This weekend I plan on doing just that and hope you do, too! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Looks like you've been having a lot of fun! I love the bridesmaid dresses!