Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Fav - Knock Knock

Happy Friday!!! Today's Friday Fav comes to you courtesy of a bad mood and a hard week. This post might be mean, might seem a little harsh, might seem out-of-character, and might ... might just be needed.

I usually come here to write about something that I've learned or fell in love with. I've learned that sometimes you are surprised by those who show up and those who don't.

Today's Friday Fav is a little game we all know called Knock Knock!

Knock, Knock.

Whose there?


Whose there?


Um ... you there?
No matter what you're going through, someone always seems to surprise you and show up at your door when you least expect it. Sometimes the one someone you think will be standing on the other side of the door isn't.  
I'm not saying that because my world has stopped yours should to, but when you have people who "would do anything for you," you kinda wonder where they are.

My brother and I have experienced this over the last month. Mike has experienced this over the last year. It's not hard to meet someone half way. It's hard to go through the suffering and hurt alone.

BUT on the flip side there are always people you never expected to be there and are giving 110% helping you with every step, task and hard night. For those people, one day I hope it's me on the other side of the door helping you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

                                                                                  Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

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  1. I'm on the other side! Always in it with you, girlfriend.