Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Today, 30 years ago, the world received one of the best gifts - My Brother! 

Over the past 27 years that I've been fortunate enough to call him my big brother, I've learned so much from him! Chris, in celebration of your birthday, amazing year to come, and all that's ahead of you, I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for some of the best presents you've given me:
  • The thought in my mind before I go to bed every night that perhaps I should sleep with a towel over my head. The number of times you sprayed me with a water bottle at 1am has made me appreciate a good night's sleep. 
  • My love for animals. Whether you harassed my parakeets, made up a story about that lizard at Lake Powell who went to eat his breakfast, or strapped my dolls shoes to Maggie's paws, you sure played a big part in my love for our furry, slimy and scaly friends.
  • Speaking of animals, I can't thank you enough for joining me in the number of voicemail songs we recorded growing up, with our Lion King themed message being my favorite. "Oh we just can't wait to hear your message!"
  • Dreaming about the first day of school every year because I would to get hear these magical words, "You're Chris's sister???" That's right I am! Somehow I thought it would add another notch on my belt and inch me higher on the popularity ladder, but instead it just gave me "friends" who wanted to date you.
  • Teaching me how to ride a bike. Yup, the push and run away method worked wonders!
  • Watching you perfect your chores. After you moved out, I never was able to sweep the carpet the way you did and make it look like I spent 3 hours vacuuming. 
  • My understanding of 4-wheeling. Climbing to the top of the mountain only to slowly inch your way down in a truck that had a rollover warning sign was somehow an afternoon of fun in your book.
  • My constant fear of you escaping every night in high school. Little did I know at the time you were off living it up, but instead I thought it was best to secretly call you and demand that you come home. P.S. Mom was never up when I said she was. 
  • Rubber band guns. I really can't say more than it never was a fair match. Your gun was bigger and held more rubber bands. I'll never walk through a county fair with a homemade gun stand without thinking about our wars. 
  • The number of scars on my knees. While some love pointing out their battle wounds for their heroic stories, I'm left with nothing but defeat. 
  • My ability to hold a cigarette like the pro's do. While I don't smoke, our trips to 7-Eleven as kids to buy candy cigarettes have added a certain skill set to my resume unlike any other. 
  • Jet skiing. Somehow grasping my arms around your waist never was enough. Your need to go over 70 mph and then quickly turning to almost a complete stop sunk me in the water every time. These days, I prefer a slow ride on a calm lake. 
  • Giving me the two cutest nieces out there!
  • Hiking 6 miles in the middle of the summer. I'll let my complaining voice remind you of this adventure. 
  • Your impersonations. I'll never know how many times I thought I was talking to dad, but really was telling you my life story. 
  • Knowing what it's like having a brother who is a model. In our family mom had the dance moves, dad had the corny jokes, you got the looks and locks, and I got the ability to ask 500 questions and share my goose laugh.
  • Providing me with the insight that a snow fort isn't complete until you've added a wall of support, I mean snowballs, as simple fort building defense. You never know when you're going to need to throw 50+ snowballs at the neighbor aka the trespasser.
  • Cleaning up after me. Graduation night + gin + Brittanie = disaster on the front lawn. Thank you x a million for being there.
  • And above all other gifts, lessons, and skills you've given or taught me, you been a brother that I've always looked up to. From the tears I've cried and the fights we've had, there hasn't been a day where I haven't been on your side. The past 27 years you have humored me, toughened me up, and made me appreciate the world around us. This last year, which has been a rollercoaster to say the least, you have been my rock! I wouldn't be laughing at the things I am, I wouldn't be strong enough to face the things I have, and I certainly wouldn't be looking at life the way I do now.

    Thank you for simply being the best brother and my best friend!
    I love you and Happy Birthday!!!


  1. THAT was the BEST! You had me smiling, laughing (belly bold) out loud, and a tear too. What a great way to celebrate your brother. He feels the same way about you!

  2. Well my dear grandaughter you wrote a awesome story about you and your best friend, and brother, He will be delighted at what you had to say as so will alot of people who read this, I am proud of both of you , Love Always, Gramma