Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fav - Discover the Stars

Happy Friday, Loves! If this week shows any sign about the year ahead, I'm pretty happy! I plan on continuing my Friday Fav posts and hope they not only continue reminding me everything I've learned and fallen in love with over the last week, but I hope they start encouraging you to think of the same.

You can label me as one of those "inspirational quote" people. I've got several shelves of quote books, I've got a "Life Lines" board on Pinterest, I seem to scribble a phrase down on every picture I frame, and most importantly I start off each New Year with a new quote. Here is what I plan on living by for 2013:

"I haven't a clue as to how my story will end. But that's all right.
When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, 
that's when you discover the stars."
Nancy Willard
Today's Friday Fav - Discover the Stars

These last few nights I've set out on a walk to clear my mind from the day and to dream about everything ahead. These last few nights, the sky has been covered in clouds ... but last night ... last night is where I fell in love. I bundled myself up, turned on some tunes, took in the cold air and looked up.

No matter what stage we're at in life, we've got to take some time for ourselves and all that surrounds us. We've got to discover the stars.

Pick out a quote for the New Year, say it out loud, and have a wonderful weekend! 

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