Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Fav - Turning the Down ... Up

Happy Friday! This week was full of nights staying up way too late and mornings that were way too cold. I'm a fan of seasons, but not a fan of warming up cold, leather car seats. I'm a fan of the summer, but despise the humidity. Life always gives you some ups ... and some downs. This week, I had a mix of both.

While 2013 has so far been amazing, I still have a void in my heart that will never fill up. I know this feeling won't go away, and I know there are going to be hard days, many hard days, ahead. Sometimes I wonder how I have gotten to where I am today without my Pops. Some weeks are good ... some are bad. Some days are harder than others and some days are a breeze. Some moments I feel like I'm drowning in tears, and some moments I'm caught with the biggest, belly laugh.

Life without my Pops is really really rough. Over these last few months without my dad, I've come to one conclusion. Life is far too short to live in the downs.

Today's Friday Fav - Turning the Down ... Up

Whether it's a bucket list tucked away in your nightstand, dreams of writing a book and designing your own stationery, or driving 3 hours for an ice cream cone ... go there. Go to the list, the dreams, and the place that lifts you up.

I recently came across my dad's YouTube account. I don't think anyone has ever been more organized on YouTube than he was. This makes me so happy. I have to think about the amount of hours he put into finding his favorite videos and categorizing them. I think about how this may have been the place he went when he was down, had a hard day, and maybe ... just maybe needed a big, belly laugh.

This week, through the tears when driving home and just wanting to talk to him to watching some of his videos, I turned my down up. I've learned there are going to be more hard days ahead. That's life. I've also been reminded of all of the good, the laughter, the excitement for my future, the stationery designs that draw through my mind, and the 3 hours I'll drive for ice cream. That's (my) life.

Along the way and when we're at the end, we need these ups. Go there.  

                                                                                         Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

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