Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Fav - The Good Life

Happy Friday! I think Mother Nature caught the memo that this is supposed to be Spring and finally giving us east coasters some hope of sunshine for the weekend. These past few months have been tough to get through, partially because of everything that's gone on in my life, but also because the winter blues really start settling in and homegirl is missing her Vitamin D. In celebration of Good Friday and the brighter months ahead, today's Friday Fav is all about the good in life.

Friday Fav - The Good Life

I've always wanted to write a letter to my 18-year-old self. If I could have told my ears the things I know now, I would have had a little more time to prep for the years ahead. The beauty of growing and going forward without a clue of what's ahead is simply a lesson we all learn whether we're ready or not. I love looking back at my 18-year-old self's bucket list and shaking my head at what I wrote, thought about and had my heart set on. I also love looking back at this same list in awe of everything I have accomplished that I never thought was possible (or at least I'd accomplish by 27). Things like fall in love, live on the east coast, travel abroad, and save up for a dog (still a work in progress). 

Over my life, and more specifically these last few months, there have been more than enough moments and days where the good life seemed out-of-reach. Going through the process of losing your parent and 16-year-old dog really take a beating on one's spirit. But at the end of each day, I still have my Mum ready to give me the biggest hug, I have my brother to keep my laughing, I have Mike to keep my heart smiling, I have my friends to lean on, I have my Pops telling me hi every night through a shining star, and I have a savings account specifically for my future dog, Nugget. I've got so much to be thankful for and so much more down the road. I've got .... a pretty a good life! 

Being 18 is almost hard to remember with everything that's happened, and I'm sure being 27 will one day feel the same, but in this moment when I'm able to reflect on where I was at in my life 10 years from now, I'd like to remember these 5 reminders:

#1 - You're hopefully going to have more money in your bank in 10 years and life will feel a little more comfortable. But remember, money might be able to buy you another nail polish or 10, but it doesn't feed your heart. You've had $50 to your name and still managed to get by. Don't rely on your savings account to make you feel like you've made it, rely on what's around you and the experiences you've gained. 

#2 - You're most likely going to have kids, at least 3 and pregnant with a 4th, in 10 years. Remember you wanted a big family no matter the headache you might be feeling. Just know when they are older, and if you raised them as well as your parents raised you, you're going to be beyond blessed.

#3 - There most likely will be some crazy form of technology where you won't even have to move your fingers to type, perhaps this device will just read your mind. Whatever contraption this is, turn it off. Find a piece of paper, or more specifically a journal, and write. Remember where you first went when you had something to say or an opinion to voice. Take yourself there and soak in what has always been one of your favorite things to do. 

#4 - Plan a trip. You've got a lot of things moving throughout your body keeping you alive, it's time you give back to yourself and move your outlook. No matter where you go, or how long you're away, enjoy this adventure. It will soon be another story you'll want to relive. 

#5 - Reflect on who was by your side when you were 27. Are they still in your life? If they are, thank them and let them know how much their support meant to you. If they aren't, reach out to them. The circle who surrounded you and got you through what might have been, or will ever be, the hardest part of your life stepped up when you needed them the most. These are the people who are best friends and who you'll want by your side forever. 

It doesn't take a lot to make our days, but when something goes wrong or unexpected it can change things forever. It's worthwhile to look around, think about what you would have told yourself 10 years ago and what you would prep for 10 years from now. Remember, it's up to us to make our lives and dreams come true, it's up to us to live a good life! 

Have a wonderful Easter!