Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Sprinkles On My Spring?

First off, I've received a few messages this week about my blog from some fabulous readers :) My heart is full of so much love and it's like I just won an Oscar. Please know you'd be the first ones I'd thank! Second, I made the switch to BlogLovin' (check out my new icons on the right and click the B to continue following).

So here we are, March 25th, and only a few days shy of Easter. I was hoping I'd wake up to the sun and some chirping birds, but sadly it was a snowy mess outside. Sitting here bundled up and singing my heart out, I've been browsing a few sites that have found Spring. Soon enough the snow will be a thing of the past, and I'll be looking forward to the days where I can:

Smile back at the sun and sport some fabulous yellow pants!

Slip on shoes that will be my best friend.
I need shoes that shimmer, that have height, that say, "I'm here."

Pull up my locks into a high pony, catch up on my busy life (ha), and take on the day.

I'd love a good cleanse before I go filling my belly up with summertime ice cream.
Orchard Street's "Signature Cleanse" while $$$ seems legit and tasty.

Host a few girls nights/dinner parties. Our apartment is an ice chest in the winter.
Once we can open our windows, expect an invite in the mail.

Spring, help me dust off this snow. I'm ready for you!

Yellow Pants  Pumps   
Ponytail  Cleanse  Dinner Party


  1. Hope all is well! I made the switch to Bloglovin' too, I'll be following you there!

  2. Awesome spring inspiration! I LOVE that gray top with those bright yellow skinnies!

    Pearls & Paws