Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fav - Survivor

Happy Friday!!! As I mentioned earlier this week, things have been pretty hectic in my world, but I definitely didn't want to skip today's Friday Fav. In a few short hours, I'll be picking up the boy and heading to the beach! This isn't a getaway filled with umbrella cocktails or polka-dot bikinis, but rather a weekend for one cause - breast cancer awareness! As most of you know, I work to fight this disease. Cancer is a b*tch, but when you're faced with it everyday through a loss or a survivor's story (my favorite), you fight really hard.

With the way this week has shaped up through Boston's tragedy, I was reminded once again how quickly our lives can take a turn for the worst. For an individual who has been diagnosed with cancer, this "tragedy" sets in a much different way. This individual is not only fighting a disease taking over their body, but this individual is fighting to stay alive. 

Friday Fav - Survivor 

Over the last 2 1/2 years, I have taken calls from supporters who want to donate, community members who want to give their time, educators who want to speak up about early-detection, and survivors who want to empower other women and men. Through each of these calls and stories, I learn so much more about this disease, what it takes from a person and their family/friends, and above the fight that each of them give. Over these last few years, I've seen what cancer can take away, but I've also seen what cancer can give. 

When you think about cancer, you might think about someone you know, chemotherapy, treatment after treatment, radiation, loss of appetite, loss of hair, next-to-nothing strength or energy, and the word cures. When I think about cancer, I think about the # of survivors out there providing a face of hope to this disease. I think about all they have been through (including those who have lost their battle) and all that they still fight for. I think about what cancer has taken from them, yet everything they have done to fight back.

As I get ready to be a part of one more Race for the Cure, I can't wait to watch the parade of survivors walk proudly and take in the crowd whose racing for their mothers, daughters, cousins, best friends, and for their own fight.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and remember there is always someone out there fighting their own battle, but at the end of the day they are a survivor! 

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