Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Pops!

Today, my Pops would have celebrated his 56th Birthday. Today is just one more day that it all sets in (again) that he's gone. At 55 you should have been planning your next 50+ years ahead, but life, sadly, doesn't always give us what we plan for.

My brother, Pops and I in San Francisco
 Pops, because we can't celebrate you today like we used to (you know a new pair of shoes that also served as flashlights they were so bright, or making sure we went to dinner someplace that had porkchops on the menu, and of course we would stop for a soft serve ice cream cone on our way home) and because this year is much different and harder than we all expected, I just hope God is giving you the best birthday party you've ever had!

My Pops and friend Andrea. He loved Harley's.
It's still tough for me to grasp the fact that you aren't here and my next visit to Utah won't be complete because I won't get to see you. It's still tough hearing others talk about their dads and getting the chance to call them after work, or hang out with them on the weekends. It's still tough not hearing your voice, feeling your hugs, or planning our next father/daughter date. And most of all, today is really tough not being able to say, "Happy Birthday ... and many more!"

My Pops and friend Tuba. Caught them mid-laugh!
Your Birthday will never be the same, I wish I had a chance to visit you, I wish I could have one more phone call with you, and of course I wish this wasn't how life played out.

Today, I'll be celebrating you, the beautiful life you led, and of course treating myself to 2 ice cream cones - 1 for you and 1 for me :)

Happy Birthday Pops!

I love you and miss you,


My Sweet 16!


  1. I think we ALL miss your Pops a lot, He was a GREAT person that God seemed to need him more then we did. Just know in your heart every day he's smiling down on you. Love Gramma

  2. such great pictures and beautiful memories. Happy birthday to your dear father :)