Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Years

Five years ago today, I ventured to Florida to soak up the sun, spend time with my bff, and dip my toes in the sand. Five years ago today, I met a boy ... in a bar ... on my last night of vacation ... in Florida ... after dipping my toes in the sand. It only took one look, one conversation, and one unforgettable smile to know that I wanted more. Looking back now, I have no clue how it all came together, how we did the distance, how we afforded the flights, how I had the courage to get up and move across the country, how he put everything into making Baltimore feel like home for me, how we stood by each other through many ups and downs, how we've gotten through this last year and how we are where we are today. 

Our first photo - Washington, D.C. metro station, '09
Life is a wonderful ride and even better when you meet that one person you've been dreaming about while on vacation ... in a bar ... on your last night of vacation ... in Florida ... after dipping your toes in the sand. Mike, these have been the best 5 years I've known and I can't wait for many more.




  1. Oh so cute! COngrats on five years and GO YOU for being courageous enough to move across the country for love...sounds like it would make a great movie!

  2. I am so Happy for you both and I wish for LOTS of more smiles in the future. Love you, Gramma

  3. I could not love you more! You are so talented, beautiful, sweet and supportive. Here's to a hundred more!

  4. This post was so beautiful and so is his comment above :) SO happy for you both! xo

  5. Congrats, Brittanie!! So happy for you : )