Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fav - Let's Drive

Happy Friday!! Once I get into a groove of writing these posts, my favorite posts, I seem to find something else that catches my attention. The summer can be blamed on this one!

As most of you know by now, I am in love with going for drives. My Pops would take me on scenic drives to appreciate nature. My Mum would take me on house-hunting drives to tour the rich and famous. And now, Mike fills that spot and takes me on drives to different areas of Maryland and neighboring states.

Friday Fav - Let's Drive

Whether it's 100 degrees with buckets of humidity drowning you (and your freshly applied makeup face), or 10 below freezing and bundled up in layers I am always up for a drive. I love the wind, the freedom of being able to go anywhere, and listening to my favorite songs play as you drive through a tunnel or across a bridge. Something about getting away, and sometimes getting lost, is and always will be at the top of my list of favorite things to do.

If I was to take a look at my bank account, I'm pretty sure most of my expenses would be spent on food aka ice cream and gas aka not cheap. What matters most in life is taking the time to enjoy the things you love no matter the price tag.

You can bet my next adventure, which is less than 24 hours away, will be touring the roads and listening to my latest fav, "Whole Lotta You."

Have a great weekend and if you have a spare hour or five, take yourself for a drive!

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