Monday, April 18, 2011

It really is a good thing.

Sometimes (more than sometimes) I have to remind myself it's a good thing that stuff like this takes place:

1) Your phone at work always seems to be ringing when you are in the middle of a project. > Good or bad someone has something to say, ask, etc. It means you are in business.

2) As many times as you think you've just painted your nails better than you ever have, they will chip by tomorrow morning. > This is a good thing. You have 20 other colors waiting for their turn to shine.

3) No matter how far away from home you may think you are, you still have a home. > Quite frankly, I feel like I have a part of my home in Boise, Salt Lake, Sydney, Denver and now Baltimore. Five is better than one.

4) Whenever I see Mike he first leans in for a kiss, a hug, or wants to hold my hand. > This is the best thing any person in love or like could wish for.

5) Looking forward to paychecks and knowing what it feels like a few days before when you only have $25.00 to your name. > That's $25.00 worth of savings.

6) Having family and friends so far away from my heart. > No matter the miles, you still have people you love and who love you nearby.

7) Hearing my neighbor's child run like a wildfire above my bedroom ceiling. > At least you don't have the responsibility of a child and thought of feeding someone else before yourself.

8) Coughing up a lung and wishing my mom didn't live so far and could take care of me. > Realizing CVS is only 5 minutes away, I can drive, I can pay for my medicine, and really I just need to drink some tea. Being sick brings a person back down to reality and makes them (me) remember how wonderful my mother is.

9) Stressing out about the next 5 years of my life and what will happen. > Calm down, B. Look how far you came over the past 5 years. It's only going to get better. Chin up!

10) Feeling as if I have too many things to do, too many books to read, too many places to visit, too many restaurants to try, too many this and too many thats. > Too many is better than too little. Life is too big for us to realize what it was all about until it's over.


  1. Love this! Perfect reminders for everyone. The glass is always half full attitude. Love it. ;)

  2. If only everyone reads this and realises, they will know how beautiful and wonderful life is! Loved it! :)