Thursday, December 15, 2011

11 Days of Christmas - Day 2

I might be a day off (day behind) until Christmas, but sometimes I get ahead of myself, and sometimes I don't. I'm considering today as 11 Days until Christmas, but the rest of the world took care of that yesterday ... okay this is confusing. Any who, I'll be posting my last day as Today is Christmas with the one gift I really want under my tree :)

What's the second item on my list you ask Santa? Oh Golly, Goodness, Gravy ... She is white like the snow that should be outside my window. She would storm past the traffic heading south on 83. She would require a monthly bath with all the mud puddles I'd trek through. She looks a little something like this

She can be found at REI.  There is an REI 9.1 miles from my house.

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