Tuesday, December 20, 2011

6 Days of Christmas - Day 7

The countdown is oh so close!  I've almost let today slip by, but alas I'm here, tucked in bed and dreaming of my next wish list item.  This item is something I think about alllllllll the time.  I love nail polishes, the way they make your hands/nails sparkle, the way they fancy up an ole outfit, and just the way they say a little something extra about yourself.  You can about my love more here > My love for nail polish.

Santa, I would love a stocking full of Essie nail polishes.  If you were curious which colors are my favorite, look no further than "Splash of Grenadine," or "Canyon Coral," or "Turquoise & Caicos," or "Playa del Platinum," or really just any of them.  They all make me pretty happy.

And on an ending note, Happy Hanukkah readers and friends! Sweet dreams and I'll see you manana.

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