Sunday, December 18, 2011

8 Days of Christmas - Day 4 and 5

It looks like I let the best of my lazy Saturday get the best of me, my wish list, and my blog.  I'm back, ready to be a Productive Pauline and tackle the day ahead.

One thing that has always helped get me ready for the day and buzzing with energy is caffeine.  I grew up watching my Pops guzzle 1 - 5 pots (that was not a type) of coffee to himself.  He would go to bed with a cup of coffee in hand.  I spent 3 years of my time in college getting by off of a barista salary, and I loved every minute of it.  I miss the customers, the stories, and of course the unlimited amount of drinks waiting to be created and sipped.  This brings me to my 4th item on my list ... Santa, I would love my own espresso machine. It does't need to be fancy, but I would love it to look a little something like this (oh and I would take any color to make it easier for you):

#5 on my list would follow my Saturday morning routine of sipping a dry cappuccino (sprinkled with sugar in the raw), and would find my legs walking down the road to the farmer's market.  I'm always a little intimidated by farmer's market, but I'll have to say I would love to bring back some blueberries or strawberries, wash them in item #5, and smile. How could you not with something as cute as this:

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend and getting excited for next Sunday!

P.S. For all of my friends and family far far away, your Christmas gift has been wrapped, boxed up, and labeled ready for the post office tomorrow. Crossing my fingers they arrive on time!

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  1. I love BOTH of those items! Those berry containers from Anthro are amazing. I want!