Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Older Makes Me Laugh

The subject of this post seems a little rude and slightly out of the norm for my writing style, but trust me on this one - I was on the ground laughing over a story I recently heard courtesy of my rents.

So my parents are divorced and rarely talk, but when they do it's usually over something pretty important. Well what happened next was definitely that.  My Pop's email was hacked and whoever crept into his account decided to send out a "Check Out These Low Prices on Your Prescriptions" type of email to his contacts.  Well my mom is part of his contact list and received this email.  She opened thinking, "Oh what's this he is sending me?"  This of course is some sketchy discount to Viagra, birth control, pretty much anything you can think of in terms of branded prescriptions.  My mom freaked out, called my Pops and shouted these words - "Your computer has been hacked!!!"

Next thing you know, my Pops is thinking is house is being invaded, there is a fire in the kitchen, and his computer is about to blow up.  HA.  So he proceeds to unplug his computer :)  That's right, he unplugged his computer, thinking this was the solution.

I later had to hear this conversation, virtually wipe away his fears, and let him know his computer is going to be okay and that he needs to change his email password.  Pretty much that's it.  Your computer hasn't been hacked, but your email has.  It happens more often than we would like, but it's usually a fairly simple process of apologizing to your friends and family saying, "Sorry it wasn't me," and then changing your password.  Easy (kinda) peasy.

My Pops was relieved to hear his world wasn't crumbling apart and I was relieved knowing how easy it is to confuse these two.

                                                                                Source: google.com via Molly on Pinterest

P.S. My Pops was pretty upset he had to change his password - apparently he's had the same one for 10  years. I'd say it's about time.

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