Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend in Review

Add another amazing weekend to the books.  Here's what went down:

> Friday night - Watched the most recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares, which highlighted one of Baltimore's own restaurants, Cafe Hon.  It's quite the story and was a so-so episode.  You can catch it here if you're interested.

> Saturday - Trained 5 new volunteers, woohoo! Took a 3-hour nap, woohoo! Attempted to go out, but ended up having a date-night filled with pizza, watched Drive (yes Ryan was beautiful, but cripes it had some gory scenes), and sipped a few woodchucks, mmm.

> Sunday - Woke up pretty early, had another driving adventure in DC, accidentally parked in a bus loading zone (whoops), enjoyed 3 cups of coffee, and sang my heart out to this ditty:

> Now - Painting my nails and getting ready for a busy week ahead!

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