Sunday, April 29, 2012

East vs. (North) West - Finding Your Favorites

I'm slowly getting closer to celebrating my 2-Years in B-more Party in August, but the longer I live here the more I realize I still haven't learned it all. You see, I thought I had finally found the grocery store, gas station, running path (actually still haven't found this one), and ice cream stop that I can now call home in confidence, but after a drive with Mike yesterday, I realized I still have a lot of learnin' under my belt.

In Idaho, you would have found me spinning my cart full of sugar and carbs at Winco, pumping my Isuzu Rodeo with fuel from Sinclair, running up 8th Street into the foothills of the land I love, and you may have found me 4 nights a week at the State Street Baskin Robbins (not attached to a Dunkin Donuts (think it's an east coast thing)) licking away 2 scoops of Raspberry Cheese Louise.

Fast forward to now > I'm slowly coming around to liking Giant for my pantry purchases, enjoy Royal Farm's gas prices (as much as one can love $4.00 for the "reg"), have yet to find a running path I like, and love the cream from Taharka Brothers!

BUT after yesterday's drive and listening to Mike's "wait, you still haven't tried ____ or you don't know what a ____ is?" I realized my recently found favorites could quickly be replaced. Most of the places or suggestions that have now been added to my To Do list revolve around food, desserts, and more desserts. He truly knows the key to my heart!

Now my question goes out to you - Have you ever moved and found that your favorite places and spots didn't move with you? How did you move on (semi-joking)?

P.S. East coasters, I'm welcome to any and all suggestions!

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