Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fav - Growing Up

Happy Friday!!! It's been a few weeks since I've posted up and greeted ya'll with a Friday Fav, but those days are long gone and I'm here with something to rant about.

Over the last few weeks, I've been dealt some pretty hard-to-understand thoughts... I've witnessed some terrible car crashes (as in 3 very bad crashes), read a text from my best friend indicating her friend's sister had passed away, received some sad news that struck too close to home, and felt the impact of my job sink my heart after reading a back sign that said, "In memory of My Mom." These last few weeks have felt like the first week you get a new car and it seems like everyone else around you also has that car. Where were they 2 days ago? Why am I noticing it all right now, and can't I just kick it to the curb?

This week's lesson learned is all about living and learning. I've always wondered when I'll feel "grown-up?" When does that moment strike when you know, "Ya this is me, grown-up, doing my own thing and figuring it all out!" I know we simply never grow up, but that these "mature" moments strike us when they most seem to be out of our control. I've learned that life, and my life up to now, has boiled down to one lesson after the next. No matter where you go, the crashes you witness, the grief your dealt, and the questions you can't answer, in the end "you're [still] not as breakable as you think."

My Pops has always reminded me, "You're given bad days so you'll know when to appreciate the good." Growing up is all about the good and the bad. It's knowing both, enduring both, being able to lean on someone through both, and learning from both that you somehow grow-up. (It's also when you can miraculously make a car payment every month on top of every other bill.)

                                                   Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

Have a wonderful weekend, and it feels good to be back!


  1. Love this! I appreciate those "grown-up" moments, but they always make me wonder when I got so old. I think that's the beauty of growing up though, you don't realize it on a day-to-day basis because we maintain our child-like heart. And adults that maintain that child-like heart throughout the duration of their entire life are the best kind of adults. Let's be them!

  2. Well put! Nicole your comment is amazing! Be young at heart, be mature when required and make everyday your best!

  3. that quote scares me... i don't want to grow up!