Monday, June 18, 2012

An Addict

It happened. Yesterday. At the perfect time - Father's Day (you'll see why below). So yesterday I woke up on the cranky side, felt a little sluggish, had a gross encounter in the kitchen, decided to try and go back to sleep, but then realized I'm not really tired, I'm just not feeling all there.

Most mornings I wake up around 6/6:30, take a shower, pour myself some coffee, enjoy breakfast, and go about my day. Yesterday, I woke up around 8, felt beyond exhausted (this working 2 jobs is tougher than I thought), and tried to game plan the day ahead. It literally took me 3 hours to figure out what I needed to do. Most days, this takes about 2 seconds.

After finally getting home from the grocery store (chalk that down for productivity), I realized something ... a headache was on its way, I was feeling a little empty, and then ... it hit happened. I realized I'm addicted to coffee. The one ingredient missing from my morning routine yesterday was the oh so delicious cup of caffeine.

I grew up watching my dad (this where Father's Day comes into the point of this post) guzzle down coffee before work and pour himself a cup before bed. If you can manage to sleep at night with coffee in your veins, you can officially sign up for CA (Coffee-ics Anonymous). I believe they have classes every morning at 7:00am. So growing up and witnessing this type of addiction, I wanted so hard to only rely on water to get me through the day. But when you start stepping into grown-up shoes, you realize coffee isn't so bad and the sugar they put in it is even better.

Well after yesterday's incident, I realized there is no turning back. I'm not sure how I'll fit a coffee pot on my nightstand for a little midnight brewing, but I do know I won't be skimping out on any morning drips from here on out.

Pops, you've passed it along. I'm an addict.

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