Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bachelorette

Here we are ... six weeks into The Bachelorette. Remember how I was so excited for Emily?

This time, during every other season, I've been on board, possibly on the edge of my seat cheering for a certain someone and throwing daggers at another someone. This time ... I'm falling asleep, can't stop laughing at Emily's paint-chip-eating-child, Ricki, and wishing a few out-of-this-world, never-gonna-happen "dates" would actually happen.

Emily, you're a bore fest. ABC, what happened? The only thing getting me through this season's mess is this blog, Lost Angeles. Dear Zack, thank you for saving this season. Thank you for making me pee my pants because WE ARE ALL thinking the same thing. And of course, thank you for creating the best nick names for these d-bags. No girl would put up with Kalon's oozing Carmex lips, fall for Filibuster (or his weekly changing beard), or ever keep Dad around after his tantrum at the pool or "handwritten letters" from his "son" (cough him).

How is everyone else feeling about this Bachelorette?
Do guys really wear scarves like this? Do guys even wear scarves?
 P.S. Mike and I (yes I make him watch it) can't stop laughing at Ricki's answer to her favorite thing about London - "Who lives at the Buckingham Palace?" - Emily "A dragggguuuunnnn." - Ricki.


  1. love watching the bachelor/bachelorette and this definitely has been a less than exciting season. but THANK YOU for introducing me to the Lost Angeles recaps. I am reading through all of them right now. so hilarious and right on point!

    1. Hahaha you're welcome! Reading his recaps is my favorite thing about Tuesday!