Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Pops!

When it comes to celebrating Father's Day, I never seem to be where I want to be - with my Pops. I wish more than anything today I could be sitting in the passenger seat, playing the question game with the man who plays it best, and singing our hearts out to Mr. Bojangles.

I often think about what it took for me to be who I am today and why my life is where it is. The simple and truthful answer is, my Mum and Pops gifted me anything I ever asked for, taught me everything I needed to know, reminded me where the importance of life resides, and pushed me to do things they knew were best, challenging and were worthwhile for me to become who I am today.

If I think about my Pops, I think about a man who is unlike any other. I think about a man who knows how to keep all of the qualities I look for in a person tucked away in his pocket. He is who I think every guy should be or strive to be like. The way he looks at life and ponders all of the possibilities out there amazes me. The way he doesn't care what the world thinks about him, but the way he thinks about himself inspires me. And most importantly, the way he has always been there for his children, his Godchildren, my cousins, and our friends is truly what sets him apart.

The card I sent my Pops this year (which will arrive on Monday because I'm always late, and Pops, I picked that up from you (thank you very much)), summed it up best - You've always been the one person in my life to hold my hand when I've fallen or am scared, you've always had your shoulder ready for me to lean on when I can't stop crying, and you've always listened to every story or long-winded conversation without telling me what to do, but simply reaffirming what I needed to hear. As I've gotten older and other guys have come into my life, you may have started to question where you now fall in line or is he good enough? Trust me, Pops, no guy will ever compare and I'm only hoping he has a notebook ready to take notes from you!

I love you so much, and I'm counting down the days!!! Happy Father's Day!

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