Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fav - Red, White and Blue

Happy Friday, Friends! Sorry I was a Debbie Downer earlier this week, but when life throws a curve ball your way, the only way I know how to respond is to say '"eff you," give you my fist and vent it all out.

But now that we've reached Friday, I'm looking out the window and there isn't a cloud in the sky that's going to ruin today ... nope. I might be getting ahead of myself and the title of this post, but today I realized we're quickly approaching the 4th of July and homegirl over here is beyond excited. (P.S. Pops, I realize Father's Day is on Sunday, but I'm saving a special post for you on your special day.)

This bottled up excitement leads to one thing - My Friday Fav! While I learned, once again, that life can be a uphill battle, I also learned that it's days and moments filled with glitter, lights, amazing food, friends and family, and a summer sky that make everything worthwhile. It's all about the Red, White and Blue that dress up the darkest days.

Whether its the fireworks or celebrating our independence, I'm on board and always will be a fan of the 4th. In prepping for this holiday (I don't like waiting until the last minute), I'm hoping Mike and I can throw a little shin dig, I can bust out my pinned red, white and blue nail polish ideas, and I'll definitely be pulling out last year's sparklers that never got to show off.

With this past week behind us, I'm hoping you all have a weekend for the books ahead.  AND if you happen to be on the east (specifically B-more) come 4th of July, let me know and we'll celebrate one of my favorite holidays in a festive fashion!

To best friends, food, sparklers, and the American spirit,





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