Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Right now I'm feeling pretty ugh for many reasons. Life and what she can do being at the top of the list. What I'm thinking and feeling sounds a little something like this:
Sometimes life just isn't fair. 

Sometimes life is too grand for words.

It can be cruel, yet sneak in with wonder. It can be a b*tch, but pull at your heart strings. 

It can suck everything you own outta you, but drop a dose of hope. It can turn things into the worst, and tell you at the end of the day, "Hey, it's going to be okay."

Sometimes life is a reminder of what's been taken from you. Sometimes it can feel like a million stones have been tossed at you (and that was only round 1). Sometimes it can show you one thing and appear the opposite. Sometimes it can create a conversation of simply cuss words you never knew you had the balls to say. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, it makes you wonder what the hell you did wrong. Sometimes, just sometimes, it surprises you with a box full of chocolates and a road with opportunity after opportunity. 

And then you find out just one more time ..... how sometimes life just isn't fair.

With that, I'm sending this quote along to my best friend. Big hug and lots of love.

                                                                               Source: flickr.com via Brittanie on Pinterest


  1. Hi Brittanie! I tried replying back to the comment you left on my blog yesterday about how to be there for your friend, but I didn’t see an email for you. So, here I am! First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s dad. I’ll admit, those final days before my mom died were the hardest I’ve ever had to go through. Accepting and knowing that your parent won’t be with you much longer is such a horrible feeling that I really can’t put into words. I don’t know your friend’s dad’s story but I know when I was in the hospital with my mom, it completely consumed me. I was there every second I could be there and there was nothing else I could manage to put my focus on. If this is the case for your friend, just be there for her in every way possible. Let her know how much you’re thinking of her and her dad. Text her, email her, send flowers to her house, send a card, send 5 cards. She needs to know you’re there for her.

    My best friend lived three hours away while this was going on, but she was always checking in on me, telling me she loved me, telling me she loved my family and it helped give me strength and it helped me feel less alone. And, once my mom did pass on, my best friend made sure to be there for all the funeral arrangements. Having her by my side meant the world so if there is any way you can physically be there for her if and when that time comes, I'm sure she would really appreciate it. I know everyone handles grief differently so I can’t personally say that what helped me will help your friend, but it’s a start. I am so sorry that she is going through this. My heart breaks for her. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to email me. I’ll be thinking of you all!

  2. Great quote! I love it. I'm feeling like that too!

    1. It really is a great quote no matter what's going on (work, friends, life, etc.) Big hug!

  3. i have similar feelings on life these days. i just try to keep that smile on. :)