Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fav - The Juicer

Happy Friday! This week got away from me, but in a good way. I didn't catch up on sleep, but I'm not complaining. I didn't stay on top of my work projects like I hoped, but I still showed up. I wanted to finish my latest read by Monday, but I reminded myself at least you picked it up.

So when thinking about today's Friday Fav, I immediately thought of something I've been hating on for awhile, but especially this last week. Drum roll please .... The Juicer. I'm not sure if you're riding this train, know someone who is, or aren't even aware of what I'm saying when I type, "juicer," but at the end of the day this is big ol' topic for Mike and I.

A year ago, Mike invested his pesos into what has become his love. (Some might even think I'm jealous of her.)

Coincidentally a year ago I started hating on her like no other. I slowly continued to tell others about her taking up too much room and causing a mess. I complained to Mike about her and his love for her. I've complained to my co-workers and friends about my craving for ice cream, his craving for a juice. I didn't get her power, why she was around, why he liked her, you name it ...

Since she and I are now under the same roof, I've been told it's time to compromise. (She's been living in a cardboard box that I've slowly tucked away in a cabinet.) This morning .. something happened. She walked herself onto the counter, stole some veggies from the fridge, made a lot of noise, poured herself a glass, and sat there waiting for some attention. Mike left for work leaving us alone together. I walked up to her, gave her the look, and said, "We're giving this one try and that's it."

Today's Friday Fav is all about her, The Juicer. 

She held my hatred for one year and didn't back down. This morning, after taking one sip of her carrot, kale, lemon and apple concoction, I cracked a smile. This girl got the best of me. I actually (somewhat) fell in love with her, too. This morning, I learned a little something that was not hard to swallow. I learned juicing perhaps isn't all that bad. I wanted to compare her to my morning bowl of oats, but it wasn't fair. I wanted my morning coffee to dominate her taste, but it didn't. And last but not least, I really wanted to hate her, but just couldn't.

This week I've learned as much as you think you know something about everything, you simply just can't know it all. I've also learned it's harder to hate on something, than to just give it a go. Mike, I've learned ... I might ... just might ... be okay with juicing!

Let's make a toast and cheer to the weekend!


  1. Can we keep it on the counter?

  2. Yay! I love juicing too! I'm still trying to convince Nate to hop on board. Or at least clean up the mess I make so I can enjoy my juice. :)

  3. Oh how the mighty have fallen,