Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fav - Team Strong

Happy Friday! Sorry for the delay in getting on here and updating you all things Brittanie's life, but the only way to sum it up as of late (and probably for the next few months) is crazy busy. I miss writing, but I also miss sleep, so sometimes it becomes one or the other. Today, for Friday and for one of my best friends, I'm back with a Friday Fav that means a lot more than those in the past.  

Last week I received a text that turned this world upside down. My bff, Whit, lost her best friend, teacher and partner in crime - her dad :( Two years ago, Doug aka her "Kouk," was diagnosed with brain cancer. Two years ago, I began working at Susan G. Komen for the Cure and really started to know and sympathize with the word, "cancer." To know this disease had not only invaded my best friend's life, but has invaded so many lives makes my heart hurt every day.

Today, on this special edition of Friday Fav, I want Whit to know that not only have I learned a world of lessons and best friend memories from her, but I've also fallen in the love with what she has taught me about life. Some days are going to suck. Some days you're going to receive the worst news of your life. Some days you're going to need to put on your big girl pants, fake a smile, and be present. Some days, you're only going to have those days to remember that while something may have invaded your family's life, you had all you needed seeing someone else smile. 

Whit, my heart pours out for you and your mom right now, but something tells me you're going to be stronger than this and what's ahead. Your dad gave you the humor that makes my abs hurt. Your dad gave you the direction to dream bigger. Your dad taught you love and kindness through welcoming anyone and anything your home. Your dad knew that being your dad was the best gift he'd ever been given, but seeing you grow up to being who you are today and everyone's best friend was something more than he knew possible. Your dad also gave you what many miss out - the meaning of life.

I can't imagine the pain, hurt, wondering and missing you're going through right now, but I do know you've given your dad the best days of his life and he's always going to be your angel.

When you see that ray of light sneaking through the dark clouds, you'll see him. When you walk through a park and hear kids laughing, you'll hear him. When you find a lost dog or "Free Kittens" sign on the corner, you'll laugh with him. And above all, when you want to tell him something or show him your latest and greatest accomplishment, just know he's listening and already smiling.

Whit, I love you! And as always, I'm sending the biggest hug your way.

"Play Early - Play Often - Play Forever." Doug, you've led a wonderful life and raised my best friend.
We'll miss you :(

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