Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

With the day off, I have some pretty exciting President's Day plans! You know things like grocery shopping, skimming the aisles of HomeGoods (favorite store) for some new pillows, and a few mounds of laundry (exciting, right?). There's no better way to nod my head to higher taxes than taking care of some must-do chores!

One thing I love most about living in the East is the fact that a lot of our country's history unfolded in my backyard. Growing up, my American history lessons revolved around "exploring" The Oregon Trail, memorizing Native American tribes and languages, and defending Utah as the beautiful Beehive State, not just a state for Mormons. Since being in Maryland, I've spent many weekends exploring D.C., walking the cobblestones of Annapolis, and just recently seeing the battlegrounds of Gettysburg.

Some things, such as these pictures, are better in person, but if you're closer to the footsteps of Lewis & Clark or still panning away for gold in California, enjoy!

Happy President's Day! 

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