Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So often when you go through a few days, weeks, or possibly months without blogging, it's a hard task to sit down and consider, "where do I even start?" This last month has sorta been that way for me. I've wanted to blog, but either didn't have the time, was enjoying having my mom in town, or was off working away. So now here I am with a few minutes to spare and thought I'd fill you in on life lately.

I spent 2 amazing weeks with my mom! When Homegirl gets some time off, she spends it wisely - with me! She's been to Baltimore several times before, but this trip was all about trying new things and having some much needed girl time. We did a lot of shopping, treated ourselves to lots of walks and coffee stops, enjoyed a pedicure, and I took advantage of having her home cooking under my roof. Some of my favorite moments of her trip were participating in The Color Run and enjoying the Preakness festivities!

How cute is she?
The aftermath.
We didn't need big ol' hats to have a good time. We had each other!
Since she left, I can't stop thinking about the next time we'll see one another, which will hopefully be very soon! I'm still working 2 jobs and while it's going well, it is exhausting. I started working my part-time gig over a year ago in hopes of making a few extra pesos and hopefully meeting some new friends. Thankfully, both have happened (minus that I might spend more now)! One day I'll have to write a post about the amazing friends I have here in Bmore! It's been a tough road meeting friends, but those who I have met ... I wouldn't have asked for anyone else! I've also caught up on a little tv - has anyone else watched Polygamy, USA? Kinda hooked!

My Memorial Day weekend was spent thinking of those who serve our country (Thank You), working, and taking care of a sick boy. Mike caught some bug that he's kindly passed along to me. With the official start of summer only 2 weeks away, I'm determined to make this one better than any other. I'm currently creating my Summer Bucket List, which I can't wait to share.

In the meantime and between all that's going on, I've found a few favorite quote via Pinterest that I'm focusing on for all that's ahead.

And with that, I think we're all caught up. I'll see you Friday for another edition of my Friday Favs!

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  1. I love your Mom! I've never even officially met her but through you I know that she's great! Glad you got to spend time with her. Also, where is your part-time job?! Miss you!